What is the Wine Aroma Wheel? 

The Wine Aroma Wheel is an incredible tool to learn about wines and enhance one’s ability to describe the complexity of flavor in red and white wines.

Initially, most people can’t recognize or describe aromas so the purpose of the wheel is to provide terms to describe wine aromas.

The wheel has very general terms located in the center (e.g. fruity or spicy), going to the most specific terms in the outer tier (such as strawberry or clove). These terms are NOT the only words that can be used to describe wines, but represent ones that are most often encountered.

Easy to use and understand, it will enhance your whole wine experience.


Novice tasters often complain that they "cannot smell anything" or can't think of a way to describe the aroma of wine. They don’t have the words!

Fortunately, it is very easy to train our noses and brains to associate descriptive terms with specific aroma notes in wine.

Using the wheel during wine tasting will facilitate the description of the flavors you perceive. More importantly, you will be able to easily recognize and remember specific details about wines.

Whether you are a connoisseur, beginning wine consumer or work in a restaurant or wine shop, the Wine Aroma Wheel is the most concise wine tasting tool and makes a great gift!

Discover the purpose and value of the wine aroma wheel

"Wine aficionados are better able to resist misleading advertising if they are provided with accurate sensory descriptors.”

Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 37, Dec. 2010


The quickest way to learn to recognize aromas of wine is to select two or more wines which are very different in flavor and look at the inner tier of the wheel for the words which best describe the flavor, such as Fruity or Spicy, then go two outside tiers for suggestions for more specific notes, such as Berry and if possible even more specifically, Strawberry.

It is very easy to train our noses and brains to connect and quickly identify the aromas in wine. The fastest training method is to make physical standards to illustrate important and major notes in wine aroma.


different languages and one Sparkling wine wheel

Wine Aroma Wheels for table wines are available in 8 languages:
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheels, created to describe the unique aromas of Méthode Champenoise wines are available in English only.

All Wine Aroma Wheels are printed on thick paper discs and then laminated, with a diameter of 8.5 inches (21.5 centimeters).

Items are produced in the United States and shipped from Atlanta, GA.

Purchase directly from this website. 

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