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    Elevate Your Wine Tasting Skills with the World's Leading WINE AROMA WHEEL 

    The Wine Aroma Wheel Helps you Unlock the Secrets of Wine Aromas and Boost Your Confidence in Wine Descriptions. 

    Experience the Power of Precise Wine Descriptions.
    Get Your Wine Aroma Wheel Now and Take Your Wine Knowledge to New Heights!

    At InnoVinum’s Aroma Wheel Store, we are dedicated to empowering wine students, aspiring professionals, and enthusiasts to elevate their wine tasting skills and confidently express their wine experiences.

    As educators and coaches, we offer a range of resources and services to help individuals become more precise in their wine descriptions, expand their wine knowledge, and truly enjoy the art of wine.

    An image showing the wine aroma wheel behind two glasses containing red wine.

    Our flagship product, the Wine Aroma Wheel created by Dr. Ann Noble at UC Davis, is available in eight different languages, providing an essential tool that was proven to enhance wine tasters analytical skills and improve their wine vocabulary.

    We are passionate about carrying forward Dr. Noble's legacy and enabling wine enthusiasts and professionals to effectively communicate their unique wine-tasting experiences.

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    2-Wine Aroma Wheels

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    Includes two Original Wine Aroma Wheels and a downloadable Wine Tasting Kit.

    Wine Aroma wheel duo

    Wine Aroma Wheel Duo is for sale on this website.

    Includes one Original Wine Aroma Wheel and one Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheel.

    wholesale prices and custom branding

    3 branded wine aroma wheel displayed on a cork background

    We offer wholesale pricing as well as custom printing if you want to customize the back of the wheel with your branding (e.g. logo, copy.)

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    Elevate Your Wine Descriptions with Precision and Passion

    At InnoVinum’s Aroma Wheel Store, we believe that every wine tasting experience is a journey of discovery, an opportunity to uncover the hidden nuances and intricacies that make each sip unique.

    Our mission is to empower wine students, aspiring professionals, and enthusiasts like you to elevate your wine descriptions, enhance your knowledge, and boost your confidence through our educational tools.

    The photo shows Dr. Ann Noble in front of a black board where she drew the wine aroma wheel with chalk.

    With the renowned wine aroma wheel created by Dr. Ann Noble at UC Davis, available in 8 different languages, we bring the world of sensory education and science right to your fingertips.

    Ann also developed a sparkling wine aroma wheel using the same principles of aroma categorization, including aroma descriptors specific to the classic Champagne wine style.

    Our tools provide you with the vocabulary and precision to articulate your wine tasting experiences with clarity, enabling you to communicate your passion and expertise to others.

    We are more than just a provider of educational tools - we are teachers and coaches bringing you knowledge, confidence, enjoyment, and the legacy of Dr. Noble.

    Join us on this exciting journey as we foster a community of knowledgeable and passionate wine lovers, united by our shared love for the art of tasting.

    Unleash your inner sommelier today and start refining your wine descriptions! Explore our educational tools and join our community of wine enthusiasts.

    Unlock the Secrets of Wine Descriptions and Enhance Your Tasting Experience

    Isabelle Lesschaeve is featured in this photo holding the wine aroma wheel duo.

    Welcome to InnoVinum’s Aroma Wheel Store!

    I'm Isabelle Lesschaeve, an educator and coach in the world of wine sensory science. With a passion for precision and a commitment to expanding wine knowledge and enjoyment, I work with wine students, aspiring professionals, and enthusiasts to help them become more confident in their skills and articulate in their wine descriptions.

    At InnoVinum’s Aroma Wheel Store!, we believe that the key to truly appreciating wine lies in effective communication of its sensory experience.

    That's why I am proud to offer the renowned Wine Aroma Wheel, created by Professor Emeritus Dr. Ann Noble at UC Davis.

    Available in eight different languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, this educational tool is designed to enhance wine sensory education, sensory science, and wine tasting education.

    As a wine sensory scientist and research professional, I am honored to carry on the legacy of Dr. Noble and her commitment to helping wine enthusiasts and professionals better communicate their wine tasting experiences.

    The image shows the wine aroma wheel used during a wine tasting beside a notebook, a glass of red wine, and a spittoon.

    When using the 8.5" wheel, the most intimidated taster in the room always feels more comfortable sharing their sensory experience, starting by using the most general terms on the wheel.

    The Wine Aroma Wheel is a very effective tool to help label what smell you detect in a wine.

    You will develop a more precise vocabulary to describe the intricate aromas and flavors found in wines, expanding your wine knowledge and enhancing your ability to communicate effectively with others.

    Whether you're a wine student looking to refine your skills, an aspiring professional seeking to excel in the industry, or a wine enthusiast eager to deepen your appreciation for the art of tasting, I’m here to support you on your journey.

    Ready to take your wine descriptions to the next level?

    Click here to learn more about me and how I can help you elevate your wine tasting experience.

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