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Meet the founder of Innovinum's aroma wheel store

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Hi, I'm Isabelle Lesschaeve.

Welcome to my world of wine education and sensory science where I empower wine students, aspiring professionals, and enthusiasts to elevate their wine descriptions, expand their knowledge, and savor every sip. 

 With over 20 years of experience in the wine industry and a PhD in Food Science specializing in sensory evaluation of food and beverages from the University of Burgundy in France, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and insights with wine students, aspiring wine professionals, and wine enthusiasts around the world.

My research work has been published in over 50 peer-reviewed academic publications and I have been invited as a keynote speaker at prestigious conferences such as the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, the Australian Wine Technical Conference, The Pangborn Sensory Symposium, and the Sense Asia Conference.

IL on stage NoBS 1Isabelle Lesschaeve Speaking at a business conference (2023)

My journey in the wine industry has taken me on a path of continuous learning and growth. I have had the opportunity to teach wine sensory evaluation to graduate students at Brock University and other renown institutions.

Additionally, I have trained hundreds of wine enthusiasts, both in person and virtually, helping them refine their tasting skills and regain their confidence in describing wine flavor nuances.

ACN+IL1Ann C. Noble and Isabelle Lesschaeve circa 2005

In 2019, I took a significant step in my career by purchasing the Wine Aroma Wheel Business from my dear friend Dr. Ann Noble.

This educational tool she created has been instrumental in helping enthusiasts and professionals alike better communicate about wine.

By incorporating this tool into my teaching and coaching, I aim to empower wine lovers to fully engage their senses and explore the fascinating world of wine.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I find joy in simple pleasures. Walking with my dog allows me to unwind, appreciate the beauty of nature, and listen to my nose at every opportunity.

I also have a deep appreciation for the arts, whether it's attending symphony performances or indulging in French theater.

Il smelling white flowerI love listening to my nose!

My journey as a wine sensory scientist and educator has been incredibly fulfilling, and I am excited to continue sharing my knowledge and passion with individuals who are eager to enhance their understanding of wine.

So, whether you're a serious wine lover looking to sharpen your tasting skills or an aspiring wine professional seeking to delve deeper into the realm of sensory science, I am here to guide you on this exciting journey. Let's raise a glass and embark on this flavorful adventure together!

About the Aroma wheel store

At InnoVinum's Aroma Wheel Store, we believe that the art of wine tasting is not only an exquisite pleasure but also a skill that can be mastered.

We are dedicated to empowering wine students, aspiring wine professionals, and wine enthusiasts to elevate their wine descriptions, enhance their knowledge, and boost their confidence through our educational tool.

why WE started

InnoVinum’s Aroma Wheel Store was founded with a clear purpose in mind - to pursue the legacy of Dr. Ann Noble, the creator of the wine aroma wheel at UC Davis.

Driven by our passion for wine and the desire to help others communicate their wine tasting experiences with precision, we recognized a need for educational tools that would bridge the gap between wine enthusiasts and professionals.

Moreover, we saw an opportunity to create a platform, InnoVinum Academy,  where individuals could expand their wine knowledge, refine their sensory skills, and become more confident in their ability to describe wines accurately. 

Our Mission

At InnoVinum, our mission is to empower wine students, aspiring wine professionals, and wine enthusiasts to elevate their wine descriptions, enhance their knowledge, and boost their confidence through our educational tools and online courses.

We believe that by providing comprehensive and user-friendly resources, we can enable individuals to articulate their wine tasting experiences with precision.

Through our mission, we aim to foster a community of knowledgeable and passionate wine lovers who can fully enjoy and appreciate the diverse world of wines.

our vision

We aspire to be the leading provider of educational tools that enable individuals to communicate their wine tasting experiences with precision to deepen their wine knowledge and increase their enjoyment.

Our vision is to create a platform where wine enthusiasts and professionals can come together to expand their understanding of wines, enhance their sensory skills, and share their experiences.

We believe that by facilitating a deeper appreciation for wine, we can enrich the lives of our customers and contribute to the growth of the wine industry as a whole.

our values

Knowledge: We are committed to providing accurate and science-backed information, empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to confidently explore the world of wines.

Precision: We understand the importance of precision in wine descriptions. By offering the wine aroma wheel created by Dr. Ann Noble, available in multiple languages, and other wheel products, we help individuals develop a vocabulary that accurately conveys their sensory experiences.

Confidence: We strive to instill confidence in our customers, ensuring that they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions about wines.

Enjoyment: We believe that wine tasting is not just an intellectual pursuit but also a source of enjoyment. We aim to enhance the pleasure of wine by equipping individuals with the tools they need to fully appreciate its nuances.

Legacy: We are driven by the legacy of Dr. Ann Noble and her contribution to wine sensory education. By carrying on her work, we honor her expertise and dedication to advancing the field.

Join us on this journey of exploration, education, and enjoyment as we raise the bar for wine descriptions and cultivate a community of passionate wine lovers.

Together, let's unlock the full potential of your wine tasting experiences.

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