enhance your GUESTS' Tasting Room experience USING THE WINE AROMA WHEEL 

Image of the Wine Aroma Wheel Duo used in a tasting room

Visiting a winery tasting room can be as exhilarating and challenging for beginners.

They enter a world full of rituals that can be intimidating, especially when someone asks: "What did you taste?"

That's why we recommend introducing the Wine Aroma Wheel in your tasting room experiences.

The Wine Aroma Wheel was created to be a bridge that makes wine appreciation more accessible and enjoyable for beginners.

You'll find below answers to questions we frequently address with wineries and educators willing to add the wine aroma wheel to their guest tasting experience.

Using the wheel in your tasting room: 10 FAQs

Is the Wine Aroma Wheel too complex for beginners to use?

While the wheel lists more than 80 aroma descriptors, it can be introduced as a simple, fun guide for beginners. Your staff can explain briefly the concept of aroma categorization and let the guests experience your wine while trying to categorize what they smell.

Does using the Wine Aroma Wheel overemphasize the technical aspects of wine tasting?

The wheel was created as an educational tool to enhance the tasting experience while facilitating communication among wine lovers and wine professionals. It's meant to supplement, not replace, the enjoyment and personal experience of tasting wine.

How does the Wine Aroma Wheel fit with the winery's brand image?

You may customize the back of the wheel with your logo, tagline, and more. One customer only listed the varietal wines produced at their winery.

What about the extra training required for staff?

We offer a free 30-minute introduction to your staff, which can be complemented by an online short course, Wine Aroma Wheel 101. Advanced staff training for leading aroma identification workshops at your facility is available upon request.

Isn't the Wine Aroma Wheel another wine gadget?

Research has shown that using the Wine Aroma Wheel helped beginners acquire a simple method to approach wine appreciation.

How do we address the subjectivity of taste and aroma perception?

The wheel serves as a guide to describe wine aroma, not a strict rulebook. We encourage guests to trust their senses and enjoy their unique discoveries in each wine.

Does the wheel oversimplify the wine experience?

Rather than simplifying, the wheel is a starting point for deeper exploration and conversation about your wines' typicity and unique characters.

Will the wheel distract customers from the wine and atmosphere?

We suggest introducing the wheel at a point in the tasting that enhances, rather than distracts from, the wine experience, ensuring a balanced approach.

Can the wheel accommodate cultural differences in wine tasting?

The list of aroma descriptors is not exhaustive. Consider the wheel as a conduit to help your guests categorize the aromatic perceptions that are perceived in your wines.
The wheel is translated into 7 languages and can help you create a more inclusive experience if you host visitors from diverse cultural heritages.

Is there enough space in our tasting room to use the wheel effectively?

The wheel is only 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) in diameter and can easily fit near the tasting mat.

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