What people say about the wheel

The Wine Aroma Wheel is credited for "developing the standard table wine vocabulary" used by wine professors, wine makers, and wine enthusiasts globally...

I am an aspiring wine blogger and find that my nose is a weakness.

The wheel is the "bee’s knees".

Its a great idea to begin conversation and keep everyone from novice to snobs interested in seeing how their sense of smell and taste compare.

…. My wife and I have had years of enjoyment using the wheel to compliment our wine tasting experience while we prepare dinner.

Wheels make a nice stocking stuffer.

I'm looking forward to using this to increase my ability to describe wines beyond "good/bad", "dry/sweet", and "like chewing on a log".

Your aroma wheels were a big hit, so I'm ordering more.

As a sommelier and wine consultant in the Sydney restaurant industry, I frequently had cause to refer people (novices and seasoned wine drinkers alike) to your Aroma Wheel, to broaden their perspective of flavors (invariably with satisfied results).

I have used it the wheel at many tastings to help build vocabulary and enhance appreciation.

Thanks for what is wonderful way to help demystify an important aspect of wine drinking!

I love the wheel format for teaching. We have tasting classes at the winery and when folks what the wine smells like, they're so afraid to be wrong, but if I start with "is it more fruity or more earthy?" I can usually get them to identify something general like "fruity." Then I use the wheel to help them become more specific: "Ok, if we agree it smells fruity, look at this next tier on the wheel. Is it more like berries, citrus fruit or tree fruit?" Then, "OK, we've detected citrus. Go to the next tier out--is it more like lime or orange, what do you think?"

It gets everyone's wheels turning, and I think the format helps.

Thanks for the wheel; it is so difficult to put something so intangible into tangible terms.

The wheels are GREAT classics and "helpers" to those not fully indoctrinated to wines.

The wheel has had a profound effect on our ability to train and excite employees and patrons about wine.

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