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Feb 13, 2020

Is wine the best beverage for chocolate pairing?

Chocolate pairing with red wine is the thing to have on a Valentine’s date, it seems. You can indeed read in popular media that red wine is an aphrodisiac and that chocolate antioxidants provide ammunition to keep your energy for the evening.

From a sensory point of view, chocolate flavors and mouthfeel sensations go well together. Like wine has its wine aroma wheel to help describe wine perceptions, so does chocolate. 

However, is wine the best beverage to pair with chocolate?

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Feb 06, 2020

How to Choose a Wine That Tastes Good?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always taste a wine before buying a bottle?

Unfortunately, this is usually what’s happening.You are cruising the aisles the store, looking at hundreds of different labels, and you have to choose one bottle. 
If you have tasted a wine you liked before and want to rebuy it; you are safe. The only challenge is to locate it on the shelf.

What about choosing wine as a gift to bring to a party? You are entering unchartered territories and have to find your way to select a wine that tastes good.

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Jan 30, 2020

How does cultural influence mold what people love in a wine?

Wine is loved across continents and many cultures. It is natural to ponder whether cultural influence plays a role in what people like or don't like in a wine style.

I share with you this week the findings from a recently published article by two colleagues, entitled "Contribution of cross-cultural studies to understanding wine appreciation."

You will discover that:

* Research investigating how cultural influences our appreciation for wine is in its infancy

* Culture can explain differences in how we perceive, like, or talk about wine

* Wine knowledge tends to diminish the impact of cultural influences on wine appreciation

Enjoy and share your thoughts.

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Jan 18, 2020

Understanding the white wine types people love

Last Thursday, I pulled out one of my favorite white wine types, a bottle of Chardonnay sur lie, for my friends coming for dinner. I like this wine because it has a creamy mouthfeel, subtle nutty, and caramel aromas without being overly oaky.

As you discovered last week, we all learn to like wine in our unique ways. The Chardonnay type I love might not be your favorite wine.

Research has shown that when specific flavors are present in a wine, they drive up or down how much you like a particular wine. Have you figured out yet what your favorite aromas are in white wine?

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Jan 10, 2020

Five essential ingredients to become a wine lover

Do you remember the first time you tasted wine?

Were you a wine lover at the very first sip? Honestly, did you fall in love immediately? If you did fantastic, but most of us had to develop our palate to start enjoying wine.

If you think about it, wine should not please our senses, and the first sip should make us grimace. That’s true: wine alcohol irritates your mouth, its tannins dry your mouth, it smells kerosene or cigar box. And sometimes they taste like rosebuds. Are all these sensations really appetizing?

So how do we suddenly start liking wine? Well, this transformation is not sudden and takes time. It’s a learning process that I dissect for you in this new article.

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