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Jan 18, 2020

Understanding the white wine types people love

Last Thursday, I pulled out one of my favorite white wine types, a bottle of Chardonnay sur lie, for my friends coming for dinner. I like this wine because it has a creamy mouthfeel, subtle nutty, and caramel aromas without being overly oaky.

As you discovered last week, we all learn to like wine in our unique ways. The Chardonnay type I love might not be your favorite wine.

Research has shown that when specific flavors are present in a wine, they drive up or down how much you like a particular wine. Have you figured out yet what your favorite aromas are in white wine?

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Jan 10, 2020

Five essential ingredients to become a wine lover

Do you remember the first time you tasted wine?

Were you a wine lover at the very first sip? Honestly, did you fall in love immediately? If you did fantastic, but most of us had to develop our palate to start enjoying wine.

If you think about it, wine should not please our senses, and the first sip should make us grimace. That’s true: wine alcohol irritates your mouth, its tannins dry your mouth, it smells kerosene or cigar box. And sometimes they taste like rosebuds. Are all these sensations really appetizing?

So how do we suddenly start liking wine? Well, this transformation is not sudden and takes time. It’s a learning process that I dissect for you in this new article.

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Dec 19, 2019

Living the simple Champagne lifestyle

You probably have noticed. Every year, media releases tons of information on how to indulge in a Champagne lifestyle over the holidays.

Since this is the time of the year, I give you in this new article a few practical tips and more on how to live a Champagne lifestyle, the simple way.

I know, a champagne lifestyle is synonym of luxury living. You might think of living over your means. Well, this is not my case. Champagne has always been part of my lifestyle, but in a very simple way.

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Dec 12, 2019

Two Wine Tasting Wheels to Describe Mouthfeel of Red and White Wines

One of the fun parts of wine tasting is to share our experiences with others. A wine tasting wheel, such as the Wine Aroma Wheel, is a great tool to get started. But what about mouthfeel? I shared with you before why it is more challenging to describe wine mouthfeel than to describe aroma.

Is there a tool that could help you recognize the nuances of the different feelings when wine tasting?

In this new article, you will get I am sure an appreciation of what it takes to build a wine tasting wheel. AND You will get TWO BONUSES. Learn more below.

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Dec 06, 2019

Why an efficient palate cleanser is must have in your wine tasting kit

The holiday season is here, with the promise of delicious foods and delicious wines.You might also have more time to experiment with new wines and maybe host or attend a wine tasting session. One of the most overlooked element of proper wine tasting set up is the choice of an efficient palate cleanser.

Choosing an efficient palate cleanser is a critical component of setting up a wine tasting session. Learn why.

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